Val My Pal (Valerie)'s Page


Val My Pal (really Melina's pal) has been with the company since 2020. She likes talking to The Grinch and then telling a freind what he said. Usually The Grinch is not very nice. Anyway, Val My Pal (Melina's pal) likes to swim and hang out with friends (Including Mel My Bell). Summer is my Bestie. There is also another friend named Hannah, but she is a banana. No, I have never thought about eating her, don't worry. Melina calls her Hannah Banana. So now let's get real here. I am not saying that anything I said before was fake. Girls can do anything. Even young girls that come from the year 2020. There is something I haven't told you guys yet. I came from Mars. Yes, I look like a human but that's because I got plastic surgery. Once, when I went to visit the Grinch, I met Cindy Lou Who. Back to the serious stuff. You can do anything. Goodnight, Goodmorning, or Goodevening, and Goodbye. If you are reading this, why? Why are you reading this, I already said Goodbye. HI