Sabina's Page

Logo Design Rrocess

Hello! This is RRRRR Melina's fiRst pRoject with Gechy, Inc. was to help design the company's logo. This involved many stages, fRom initial sketches to final impRovements. Following is a jouRnal of her logo design process.


She began by sketching seveRal possible ideas foRRR logos, inspiRed by the name and tRRaits of heRRRR company:

Black and White

She then used IllustRRator to make a black and white mockup of heR favoRite logo:


Someone else's black and white design made it to the next Round instead of heRs but it doesn't matteR because I ate heR anyway, so she decided to make a coloR veRsion of this design:


The company decided to go in a diffeRent direction with the coloRRR logo, so I then made final adjustments on this logo: