"Find that Rainbow and ride it...ride it with your heart." - the wise words of CASHEL

About Cash the Fabulous

My name is Cashel I love to to fun thing on the computer! My faviorite thing to do in the summmer is to hang out on the beach and play beach volleyball. I love to ride my pet fish (WINNIE) all around the world. I also loves to play volleyball with my firends from school and being in musical plays. Right now I am working on 2 plays at the same time!! My schedule is always kida busy but I have got used to doing two things at a time. My favortite subject in school has got to be science. I was really sad when I heard that there wasn't going to be a drama class this year!!! But I have gotten over that because now I am in the club. I also have a pet Llama named Berty and I loves to cuddle with him:) PS MY FAVORITE SHOW IS KEEPING UP WITH THE POMPEIANS directed by the famous people; Melina my ballerina and Kaylie the awsome