Jami's Page


Hi guys, it's Jami. Somethings I like to do is: sing, bake, bike, run, jog, walk, breathe, blink, jump, design clothing, watch Netflix, and eat Italian food. I play lacrosse, well..... I used to. My coach said that I was too agressive at the sport. I was playing on the roof of my old school(there was a turf field on the roof(I'm not crazy) btw) and we were passing the ball to eachother. My best friend and I were passing and when I was going to pass to her, I hit her square in the stomach. She threw up and later she said she had a bruise on her stomach. So... that's my story.

Here is a GIF I made

Look at my magazine cover I made for one of our clients, Mago Zine