Percy's Page


Hiiiiiiiiiii! my name is Percy. Why? Ughhhhhhh slap hand on ground. This isnt ground its desk Caroline (the greatest friend ever) is typing for me. I didnt say that. NO is typing this for me. NOw I will speak my language: ahfkjsfhksjdhfksdjhfksjdhfkjahdalkhaskdhfkjfhwiehkdshfieufhkjdcnjkfdksjhfakjdfkjsdhfieuwfhnckjsdnklasjdhrkewjnksckjdshflekwuidknsckjdshfaweuhkdjsbclkjsdhfiwexcn,smcn,smosifhcnso;fsjfkhgklsdhoeklsdfjhd! I know its really weird. Why is this ok Im feeling kinda bad ok theres no orange or yellow theres no orange or yellow or purple or pink theres only hit colors, gren blue red and these are like the classic colors and all the other ones dont get a fair chace at life and ya. Ps caroline is awesome thats in italics, no i meant in paranlisis. I said parenthsis. I miss I miss reading skills said it slow. Because beacuse (laughs) I want to sit on the balls runs off boncy balls laughs ok then mouth click now wehre flksjflksdjflsdjflksdjf, go go go (fliping thing) wait we are doing this again? (# question Pulls hair not cool enters into attack mode times 2)parenthisis parenthesis (freeky lip thing) it wasnt lips it was my mouth boncy ball (laugh out loud) lol lol I only said it once delete delete delete (poking ) im tired I want candy said it alot I want candy I want candy I want candy I want candy I want candy I want candy I want candy I want candy thats how many times i said it is that cracked this computer is cracked ms henderson did you know that this computer is cracked i just relized that i talikg its kinda annoying after a while now i get the paparazzi and stuff (smiles) i dont know what to sa hi everyone hi everone how is your day going any one gunna respond how is yuor day going guys is it good everyone can someone please respond good she is typing everythoing I say Casey casey just twice jow is your day going tal lets go ugh ugh ugh can i sleep on you you gunna break my jaw jaw (pouty face) hiiiiiiiii hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ok stop ugh who took a bite out of theis apple cause its a very small bite ya therse this thing once and it was like and it used to be its supposed to be like a bite and a bite spelled byte get it cause like computer bite no the other bite spelled byte ya sno ya like ya no glitter is with two gs? no its not ohhhhhhh its with two ts im not are you kidding me I have done like ten pages this is like an essay no its 1234567891011 11 lines school ends in twn minutes! t-tenminutes til dismisal why did you not do any spaces over there oh i np what we have to do do the ting we always do where its you say you stink and i say good day and then bye. (pause) I take over Carloines job, hehehhehee (not so fast) not so fast hi my name is not caroline and I have not hacked percys page if anyone is still reading this they are officially wasting their life. so if you still are i highly sugest you stop becasue the whole tin is gunna be like bla bla bla babksdfksdjhfl exactly the cardboard hit me and the comuter eww there was the bloody noise thing there is blood on this thing ewwwww sorry jew yuo have blood on your sweatshirt. I have taken over again! yay I am amazing and awesome and super cool! YAAYYY This thing is so long, it is currently 15 lines long