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Logo Design Process

i do want i want and i like to party with myself and watch netflix. I would not recomend me because i am not that great but i try... here are some examples that i did with jaqulin from da hood we tried and it you have a problem with that you can talk to my lawyers haha .


I began by sketching severalbad ideas that did not get picked but they took a great deal of work so that was great :

Black and White

I then used Illustrator to make a black and white mockup of my favorite logo:


Someone else's black and white design made it to the next round instead of mine, so I then made a color version of this design and it also did not win :


The company decided to go in a different direction with the color logo, so I then made final adjustments on this logo and it also did not get pick.Funny story one time we thought that was our sesign but it was not but now it is so dont worry about it if you a reading this you owe me 20 bucks: