Sofia has been with the company since September, 2017. She is a dedicated Bellward (Bella & Edward) fan who also hates people who are team Jacob because Taylor Laughtner plays Jacob in the movie. Who acts as Jacob doesn't play a role in what is good for Bella. Sofia also has two devils as sisters, and she doesn't know what she did to be cursed with them. Sofia is also a Slytherin (who may or may not be evil). She is originally from Chicago. In her future, Sofia plans on marrying a british guy and having a proper british kid named Evelyn Vannessa Whatever-Her-Husband's-Last-Name-Is. She is already halfway there because she likes tea with exactly three tablespoons of sugar or chamomile with honey and british people and their accents. Jarlie and Dumbledalf. :)

A magazine about stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! A rip off of that girls life Daya magazine that was found on the internet when I searched up girls life cover!!!