Mariana's Page


Hi I am Mariana. I am obsesed with the series The Selection and recomend it to anyone over 11. It is my fav book, but I would change the ending to the crown because I belive that Edylin should marry Kile not Eric and she should definitely not banish Kile from the castle. I also think that Kiera Cass should write a book between Happily Ever After and The Heir. THAT IS MY OPINION. (which is right)

I love ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOSTLY OREO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHICH CRUSHED OREOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONTOP OF A WARM BROWNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a magazine that I worked on with Jamilah. It was to fight steriotypes. It is for both girls and boys. Some people say that the background looks girly, but it is blue, and blue niether a girl or a boy color: