Lily's Page

Just some information...

Lily has been with cloudsurfers since September 2017.Though it has been only a short period of time, lily has loved working with her friends at this great tech co. She is also a experianced typist and loves scratch and Adobe Illustrater. Outside of her occupation, Lily believes that her 9 year old brother was adopted and her chocolatte labordoodle is her true brother. Lily's specialties includ, swimming, beating her brother at everything and playing soccer. Lily lives with her family in Connetecuit and is origonally is from San Francisco she is a dedicated Giants fan and Buster Posey is her favorite! When lily grows older, she hopes to become an actress and write novels. she also hopes to live in Europe with A guinea Pig and a dog.

The New and Improved... Girl's Life!

Cloud Surfer's client Mago Zeen asked us to create a better cover for Girl's Life

And A gif!