Isabelle's Page™


Isabelle has been part of Cloud Surfers since 2017. She likes stale memes. Any memes. Shrek is love. Shrek is life. Isabelle has 5 dogs and all of them bark. bork bork. I also enjoy tea, and prefer mochi ice cream. My favorite flavors are chocolate, mathcha and cheese, not all together. Jacqueline is da bomb and she is litty litty like the lighted up city. CHEESE CUBE IS THE LITTEST PERSON ALIVE !!!!!!11111!!!!!111!!1!!!!!! Also Giselle is the bestest person in the world even if bestest is not a real word and HELLO PEOPLE I'M AMAZE anyway there's my ego for you!! :) YASSSSSSSSSSS ITS GEM OKAY BYE gizzard- carolyn, 2018

Here is a logo my partners, Cheese Cube, Gem, and I have worked on: