Lina's Page


Lina is an awesome employee who is always upbeat, tropical, and bright. She is so amazing and sweet and ALWAYS on fleek! She loves to dance and drink tropical smoothies. Lina excells in dancing to Teamwork by Mackenzie Ziegler, and has always looked up to Rumer Noel, a dance choreographer. Lina's idol is Rumer Noel, but also Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift has an amazing voice and great a style when it comes to fashion. Lina and Hadley (another staff member) both desperately love the Twilight Saga and are Team Edward ALL THE WAY! Lina's favorite places are warm and tropical, especially Hawaii. Lina's family used to live in Hawaii, and that is why Lina loves Moana and everything to do with bright colors and the ocean. Lina's favorite website is YouTube, because it has any video you could ever want to watch. Lina's favorite app is Instagram, and her favorite color is aquamarine.